Unannounced Yellow and Teal Furby Party Rockers

In the video below shot by Laptop Magazine at the 2013 International Toy Fair you can see the four currently available Furby Party Rockers, but there are also two unannounced versions in the mix. You can see a yellow one with a large long orange beck and crazy looking blue zig-zag antenna, and a teal colored one with an orange mask and floppy yellow ears. The Hasbro employee  in the video even gives a demonstration of the teal colored one interacting with an iPad via the Furby app.


Guess this means there are more Furby Party Rockers on the way. I wonder if the two shown are the only new ones or if there are more that haven’t been seen yet?

Introducing Furby Party Rockers

Furby Party Rockers are funny, wild, little Furbys that act as a companion to other Furbys! Unlike the Furbys introduced in 2012 these Furbys start out with fully foamed personality’s that do not change, they just get wilder the more there messed with, and as of this writing come in 4 different varietys, Twittby the chatty one, Fussby the sassy one, Scoffby the wild one, and Loveby the sweet one.

Furby Party Rockers love to chat with you or other Furbys and can also respond to your voice, and unlike there full size relatives only speak Furbish so its a good thing that like the 2012 Furby these Furbys can respond to the free Furby app that available on iOS and Android devices, so that you can use the Furbish to English translater to understand what your little guy is saying. You can also use it to feed your little guy.

Other than chatting up a storm with other Furbys, Furby Party Rockers will also sing with other Furbys. They also like to dance when they hear music.

Furby Party Rockers have a tail and they react when you pull it. Unfortunately these smaller models do not have touch sensors like there full size counterparts, but they do react to being shacked, and tilted. They also don’t have little LCD screens for eyes, they just have “holographic” eyes that light up and give the appearance of motion by switching between two different images depending on what angle there viewed from.

With the reduced size and complexity, Furby Party Rockers are like the Furby Babys of this generation. Furby Party Rockers are a lot less expensive than the full size model, currently only costing around $25.00, were as the full size 2012 Furby cost around $70.00.

Furby Party Rockers are a great idea for younger kids that your not sure of how they (or you) will respond to the sometimes annoying (and creepy to some people) little creature with no off switch. If they like this model then you can pick them up a full size one so they can watch them interact.

10 New Furby 2012 Color Mixes!

The 2012 Furby originally launched in 10 different colors, but now that number has grown to 20. The new color choices are mixes of the 10 original colors, so now you can get Furbys in Blue/Yellow, Orange/Blue, Teal/Purple, Yellow/Teal, Red/Black, Pink/Yellow Teal/Pink, Black/PinkGray/Teal, and Pink/Teal! These new colored Furbys also have a long patch of hair on the top of there heads. Below I’ve included pictures of the new additions. Just click the small images for a bigger picture.

Top 5 Features of The New 2012 Furby

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The new 2012 Furby from Hasbro is a bold new look at the franchise. Check out my list of the top 5 new features below!


1. More Expressive LCD Eyes

The most unique feature of any Furby is its eyes. No doubt the new 2012 Furby is the most unique with its completely redesigned eyes.

Furbys that came before had doll like eyes, this new model has little LCD screens for eyes instead. These little screens let the Furbys eyes change appearance and have animations like looking around in different directions and even flames when it gets mad.


2. Enhanced Animatronic Features

Furbys in the past have been able to move and mimic a living creature, but the New 2012 model is even more realistic, able to bend its body, and move and dance with its rocking rollers on its bottom.


3. New Improved Sensors.

The new Furby features touch sensors in its back, tummy, head, and both sides, along with a sensor in its tail and a tilt sensor.

It also features an internal mic and a sensor in its mouth for feeding.


4.  There’s An App For That

One of the most talked about new features of the new Furby is the iOS app (available now!) that allows you to better communicate with your little guy and prepare food for him.

I’m sure there will be new app features added soon, maybe even new apps! This would really help the new Furby to have more replay value.


5. Chatting Up a Storm

Like the original Furby the new Furby can communicate with his Furby friends. The original Furby had an IR sensor hidden in its forehead behind a little black window that allowed them to communicate. The New Furby still has the little window but now uses an internal mic to recognize his friends voice instead.


With all of these new features its clear that this is not only a great reboot of an old toy but a ground brecking technoglical breck though for chilrens toys. Be sure and order yours while you can, and if you do so though one of the links on this page you will be helping Furby Guide out with no charge to you! THANKS! :)

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Old Original Furby Commercials

With the coming release of the new 2012 Furby I thought it might be fun to look back at the commercials for the original Furby. The first one I remember seeing is the the one below. I saw it on the Furby website way back in the day.

Original Furby Commercial

This next one I had never seen before. I only found it while I was looking up the one above. Apparently the Furby shown in it is a prototype. It sure does look different, and I really like its ears, and long mane! I also think it’s funny that the commercial says “The first Giga Pet you pet”. :D

Proto-type Furby Commercial

Do you remember seeing these videos on TV or around the web? Let’s us know below!

Preorders Now Available For The New 2012 Furby

Pre-orders are now available for the new 2012 Furby, and If this year’s Furby turns out to be anything like the original, you better get in your pre-orders as soon as possible. You sure don’t want to wait in a line on black Friday for the slim chance of getting this years hot toy.

The new Furby will be launching this fall for $59.95. It will initially be released in 6 colors, with that number increasing to 10 by the end of the year. So far Amazon is offering the best deal. If you order now their 10% off and include free super saver shipping. Just click one of the available colors below to order!
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New 2012 Furby Colors

According to Hasbro the new 2012 Furby will be released in six different colors at there launch this fall, and that number will increase to 10 by years end. We now know not only what those colors will be, but also have pictures of each Furby sporting them below!

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Pre-order your 2012 Furby today!

Heres a video I made showing off all 10 new 2012 Furby colors.

As you can see they seem to come in not only different colors, but different fur textures as well.

Just in case you’re wondering, all 2012 Furbys are the same inside. The only difference is there color. Everyone comes out of the box the same, but is molded into a unique personality with your care.

If Hasbro follows the same pattern of the original Furby release, these 10 colors are only the tip of the iceberg and we can expect many, many more colors in the not so distant future.

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Introducing The New 2012 Furby

The new 2012 Furby will be the most advanced Furby ever released. It sports a look very similar to the original Furby, though a little bigger and now featuring a tail. Its facial expressions have been upgrade with more advanced animatronics and it now has voice recognition like its cousin the Emotroic Furby.The New Teal Blue 2012 Furby

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The new 2012 Furby now features 5 touch sensors so you can tickly and pet it to death, and even includes a tail sensor so Furby knows when it’s being pulled, and a tilt sensor so it knows which way it’s being held.

As I’ve already mentioned the New Furby has voice-recognition so you can chat it up with your new little friend and let it chat away with its Furby friends. It can even dance and sing along to your music.

Of course Furby can play games like all the other Furbys, but you can now interact with your Furby with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The new Furby app lets you make food for your Furby friend and then slide it across the screen to feed him. You can also translate his Furbish, so you know what he’s saying while he’s learning your language.

One of the must unique features of the new 2012 Furby is its new LCD eyes. Unlike the Furbys that came before it that featured doll like eyes this Furby has little LCD screens that allow it to look around in different directions and show little animations that help it to better communicate its feelings to you.

New 2012 Furby Preview- Official Hasbro Video

Large front view 2012 Furby teal

As I’m sure you can see by all the new features and technology this new Furby has all the makings to become another run-away success, so if you want one of these little guys, or maybe even a few so they can really have a party, then you better order one while you still can!

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Preorders are already underway for the new 2012 Furby. Amazon is leading the pack by offering 10% off and free super saver shipping!

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